Hype Defeats Kansas City Chiefs

Like so many other scams of the post-modern era, the "irrational exuberance" surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021 offers a clear indication that the team is likely to disappoint.

We share a couple of informative links as fanbois still talk "dynasty" but locals have stopped buying junk food cereal.

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NFL insiders vote Patrick Mahomes as the league's top quarterback

In recent days, ESPN's Jeremy Fowler has been naming the league's top 10 players in each position group. Last week, we reported on his defensive line rankings. But it hasn't been just his opinion. He's been talking to executives, coaches and players throughout the NFL - and having them vote for the best players.

For the 2021 Chiefs, it's 'Lombardi or bust'

In his "State of the Franchise" series on NFL.com, Adam Rank has been writing 2021 previews for each team in the league. On Monday, he turned his attention to the Kansas City Chiefs, saying that for the current AFC Champions, "it's Lombardi or bust."

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