Feds Investigate Native American School History: Shawnee Mission Reparations?!?

There probably won't be a payout here but that won't stop TKC from asking.

Accordingly, here's today's fight against white privilege and or your middle-class parents.

Money line . . .

"The federal government conducted a large-scale drive over nearly a century to assimilate hundreds of thousands of American Indian children by removing them from their families and sending them to faraway boarding schools — a painful chapter of U.S. history that Interior Secretary Deb Haaland has directed her agency to investigate.

"Haaland, a former member of Congress from New Mexico, is the nation’s first American Indian Cabinet secretary and an enrolled member of the Pueblo of Laguna.

"Last month, Haaland ordered a federal Indian Boarding School Initiative to recover the histories of the institutions, where she says children endured routine injury and abuse. American Indian leaders say the investigation represents a huge step toward acknowledging a devastating loss that has been overlooked by those outside their communities.

"In her memo, Haaland said she wants the U.S. investigation to identify the children who attended and their tribal affiliations, along with a particular emphasis on finding records of cemeteries or burial sites connected with the schools that may contain unidentified human remains. Federally run off-reservation schools dotted the West and Midwest . . ."

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Federal investigation seeks to uncover painful history of American Indian boarding schools | Kansas Reflector

WASHINGTON - The American Indian children travelled on trains, thousands of miles from their homes in Kansas and elsewhere, to Pennsylvania's Carlisle Indian Industrial School in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many had been forcibly taken from their parents and communities. Once there, they had to hand over their belongings, put on uniforms, cut [...]