COVID Killing Kansas City Office Space Market

Here's another perspective on a recent layoff and shut down this week . . . The Kansas City office space market is soon to dramatically shrink.

On the bright side, this reduces the opportunity for dudes to get #MeToo'd by doing or saying something stupid inappropriate. Sadly, apropos of this promo shot of hottie Siri, the premise for 1/3 of pr0n titles is now becoming obsolete.

A better perspective . . .

"Cerner said it has got enough space for everyone at its Innovations Campus in southern Kansas City, Missouri.

"On top of that, they plan to embrace the hybrid workforce that has come about because of the pandemic.

"Cerner is not the only company that has gone this route. Nationwide, we’ve seen several companies decide to stick with the work from home method."

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Cerner plans to rely on hybrid workforce in future

WYANDOTTE COUNTY, KS (KCTV) -- Just yesterday, we told you how Cerner is planning to sell their KCK campus and part of the reason is their hybrid workforce. The pandemic has changed the way many of us work. Ever since the pandemic hit, Heather Furman's office has been very homey.