Clay Chastain Warns: He's Coming To Town To Challenge Mayor Lucas!!!

The only guy to ever win a citywide light rail vote renews his political "commitment" against the local status quo with this latest note.

Here's the word . . .

Clay Chastain: Mayor Lucas and his rich white woke supporters are having elite-sponsored fund raising parties while Kansas City slides toward ruin.

You better not kneel, you better not TIF, you better not selfie you better not...refuse to put a petition on the ballot...cause Clay Chastain is comin to town.

While Kansas City is eroding street by street, block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood, Mayor Lucas is holding a mayoral campaign fundraiser sponsored by rich white woke folk. That would explain it.

Clay Chastain will soon be coming to town with his legal lance (Response to the City's Motion for Summary Judgment) in hand tilted toward bringing town Mayor Lucas, City Hall and the City's legal department for their collective participation in suppressing the people's 1st Amendment Constitutional Right to petition the government.  Chastain's individualistic charge (in United States District Court) against Lucas, the Council and the far left (that is controlling Kansas City, the petition process and the people), will be epic in consequence.

When Chastain wins in court, then wins the petition election and then becomes the next Mayor of Kansas City, there will be a whole lotta shakin going on as the far left democrats - led by Lucas - will be ousted from office and control. It is long past time to kick down the steps of City Hall the far left democrats whose leadership has increased crime, undermined infrastructure, depopulated parts of the City and created a declining urban morass strewn with acute inequality.  Chastain will find it and fix it.
A Mayor for the Everyday Citizen.

In brief, here is Clay's 4-year Mayoral agenda:
1. Mayor Chastain will not kneel to, or kneel with, BLM. All political slogans will be sand-blasted from Kansas City streets.
2. Mayor Chastain will focus on greatly reducing crime by hiring more police and hiring, training and educating more minorities to assist in modernizing Kansas City's infrastructure, including transportation.
3. Mayor Chastain will transform blighted Troost Ave. from a racial dividing line into a blossoming oasis of equality and unity.
4. Mayor Chastain will outlaw all TIF projects and eliminate the costly EDC.
5. Mayor Chastain will put his office on the ground floor of City Hall - not in an Ivory Tower 30-stories above the people.
6. Mayor Chastain will move to eliminate the regressive job-robbing, business-suppressing and growth-discouraging E-tax.
7. Mayor Chastain will honor (by placing on the ballot immediately) all valid petitions submitted to the City by the people.

It's Republican Conservative Clay Chastain's turn to lead our City, he has the wherewithal to restore Kansas City's greatness.


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