Brad Pitt Didn't Save Kansas City

The Hollywood star has a lot of issues to contend with and clearly Kansas City isn't very high on the list.

Example . . .

Angelina Jolie battling Brad Pitt in court over sale of French wine business

Regarding his cowtown adventures and Pitt's organization that hoped to revive the urban core . . .

"The organization no longer has a website, phone number or functioning office. One former counsel for Make it Right here in Kansas City said they have not worked with the organization in years and had no comment."

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Lots owned by Brad Pitt's nonprofit 'Make it Right' sit empty, KC residents hope for change

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Five properties in Kansas City's Manheim Park neighborhood are sitting empty, and they may continue to sit empty for quite some time. The reason: They're entangled in a lawsuit involving the nonprofit Make it Right, which actor Brad Pitt started.