Billionaire Koch Bets Big On Legal American Weed

In Kansas, the Koch fam pretty much told an astonishing number of grown-ass white dudes what to think throughout the Brownback years. Now big bucks to support weed reform will certainly sway the opinions of conservatives looking to harvest a more useful cash crop . . . Lobbying bucks.

Money line . . .

"Although Koch isn’t big on consuming it himself, he’s going public now with a long-held belief: Cannabis should be legal nationwide. So he’s putting his name, and nearly $25 million of his $45 billion fortune, to influence criminal-justice reform and legalization by the end of 2021. Brian Hooks, Koch’s right-hand man, says that a good barometer to gauge what Koch and his network are eventually willing to spend is what they’ve already put toward these issues—some $70 million in total over the last two years."

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Billionaire Charles Koch On Why Cannabis Should Be Legal

D epending on whom you ask, Charles Koch is a titan of industry, dark money political bogeyman, or the Marcus Aurelius of the libertarian movement. But soon Koch might be known as the billionaire who persuaded Republican and Democratic holdoutsto legalize cannabis at the federal level. And it's not because he's a pothead.