Big 12 Demise Threatens Kansas City Basketball Tourism

Just moments ago, two major departures signal hard times for a college basketball league with longstanding commitments to Kansas City.

Expecting this bad news the city hall honcho offers some motivational words that don't exactly constitute a plan.

Here's a bit of hope that TKC readers might want to take with a grain of salt . . .

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said the city will work hard to maintain a presence on the college basketball scene. 

"I want all the other tournaments to, so I certainly hope the Big 12 survives in any event," Lucas said. "If it doesn't, Kansas City will work hard with the Southeastern Conference, Big 10 if KU goes there, whoever, to make sure we continue to have spring basketball here in Kansas City."

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Lucas: Kansas City will work with conferences to have tournaments if Big 12 dissolves

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- On the surface, Oklahoma and Texas possibly leaving the Big 12 Conference may not immediately resonate with the average Kansas City resident. Between the lines, however, the two schools leaving for the SEC could leave Kansas City in an unfortunate economic reality: Losing millions of economic impact a year.