Will Mayor's Nights Prevent Kansas City Youth Violence Spike?!?

Now that the pandemic lock down is over, cities across the nation are coping the threat of increased violence. 

In Kansas City the Summer spike in violence is always accompanied by regrets and accusations lamenting few activities for urban core youngsters.

There's no hard data to suggest that free pizza parties will keep youngsters from killing each other and, in turn, buying a few pies never killed anybody given a billion dollar city budget filled with all manner of welfare both corporate & traditional.

Nevertheless . . .

Amid the digital era where Kansas City teens are committing murder over Snapchat beef . . . It's uncertain if a few hours of lame planned parties at local community centers will solve the problem. 

Check more info and you decide . . .

Kansas City's 'Mayors Night' events for teenagers return next week

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After a year away because of COVID-19, summer-long events to help entertain Kansas City's youth will return next week. Mayors Nights programs are designed to give children and teenagers a safe place to go to have fun during summer evenings.