Toll Road Stays Winning In Overland Park

An old school solution that might or might not be systemic racism emerges in the Golden Ghetto.

Here's a roundup of last night's vote and another sign of rising inflation as local governments seem to be quickly running out of money . . . Read more:

Overland Park city council approves adding toll lane to part of US 69 Highway

Overland Park city council members voted 10-2 late Monday to approve a plan to add a toll lane to part of U.S. 69 Highway.The city council heard public comments Monday evening.In order to make any expansion, the city has to pay 7% of the project costs, which is about $20 million.

Overland Park City Council approves US 69 toll lane

An express toll lane will be added to U.S. 69 Highway in Overland Park. The Overland Park City Council voted 10-2 to approve the expansion for the roadway, which the Kansas Department of Transportation estimates is used by roughly 80,000 drivers daily between West 103rd and West 197th streets.

Overland Park Council votes in favor of 69 Highway express toll lane plan

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Overland Park City Council voted 10-2 late Monday night in favor of creating express toll lanes on U.S. 69 Highway. The city will partner with the Kansas Department of Transportation and Kansas Turnpike Authority on the project. The 69 Express project will create the first single lane toll road in Kansas.

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