Toby Dorr Tells Her Kansas Prison Breakthrough Story

Apropos for #TBT we notice an old school story of prison break love has resurfaced.

Even better . . . There's a whole blog on the topic.

Without question Toby Dorr helping a con break out of prison in a dog crate is one of our favorites if only because she "owns" her life choices and now offers ladies a fresh perspective after some time in the can.

Accordingly, here's a bit more info on her upcoming TV appearance . . .

Toby Dorr explains infamous Lansing prison break on Dateline this Friday

Toby Dorr, left, and Andrea Canning. // Photo courtesy of Claudia Meyer-Samargia Set your DVRs (if people still even do that kind of thing) for this Friday night because there is an episode of Dateline you don't want to miss. On Feb.

Former Sedalia Resident to Be Featured on NBC's Dateline

Toby Dorr, a former resident of Sedalia, used to go by another name, Toby Young. In 2006, Toby gained notoriety after helping an inmate escape from the Lansing, Kansas Correctional Facility. This Friday, June 11, that story will be featured on the nighttime NBC news program, Dateline.

You decide . . .