TKC Comments & Struggling With Trust Issues

This somewhat recent promo for women's MMA reminds me to address some of the reader objections. 

A few avid TKC readers don't like Disqus and vow to stop reading. They typically remind me of this fact every week & a half.

More importantly . . . 

Even more commenters who have signed up with Disqus want to be added to the "trusted" user list and bypass comment moderation. 

So, this post is the place to ask for that with the pithy pinky promise that you won't be a total jerk or post garbage that will get me door knocked by the Feds. 

That being said . . . 

As always, we welcome strong opinions and alternative perspectives given that even with a few minor rules against outright hate speech, requesting on topic comments and prohibition against doxing or credible threats of violence . . . This dump is still the only thing even remotely resembling an actively maintained "free speech zone" in Kansas City. Social media is just a place to stalk frenemies and post bombastic screeds that alienate friends, family & coworkers with little or no real world impact on policy.

Eternally, we hope commenters will help make this place even better with their insights. 

If all that sounds good enough . . . Let us know to add you to the "trusted" list.

So far I've only have remove one person and pause 2 but only for a half a day.

Again, overall I'm satisfied with the comments but this should also be a post to register complaints or suggestions.

One more thing . . . If you're commenting regularly . . . Do us a favor and sign up for the KICK-ASS TKC NEWSLETTER if you haven't already . . . It's COMPLETELY FREE for now and provides another avenue to connect with our community. 

You decide . . .