Tick Influx Plagues Kansas City

Given the return of Planet Comicon . . . Fans might remember the unlikely journey of The Tick from celebrated snarky alt-hero to a mainstream flop.

Writers were never able to translate Gen-X pop culture subversion with more traditional sit-com fare and so there were only a few decent episodes which captured the magic of a worthwhile independent publishing venture. 

And that brings us to a more mundane local update and yet another excuse to clean out crevices when it it gets hot and sticky outside.


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There's an uptick in ticks in the Kansas City metro; here's 4 things to know

OLATHE, Kan. - If it seems like you're seeing ticks earlier than ever before, that's because you are. "Ticks are an annual event here in Kansas City. What's interesting is it seems like they emerge earlier and earlier every year and maybe stay later and later in the season," said Dennis Patton at Johnson County's Kansas State Research Extension in Olathe.