Survey Seyz Kansas City Customer Feedback Stays Losing

Kansas City ignores junk mail to its own detriment.

A local progressive donation blog laments . . .

"In a city of about 495,000, there has been little to no engagement from residents living in ZIP codes east of Troost Avenue, the historic northeast and neighborhoods north of the river."

The results of most citizen polling are typically used to justify sketchy efforts that have already been mandated by MARC another other politicos.

Still, the illusion of mail-in democracy is hard to break because it not only helped secure consent for Kansas City's extended toy train but also proved integral in electing the current White House regime.  

Accordingly, we share this note which hopes to encourage locals to share their opinion with city hall planners who might or might not take opinions from the public into consideration . . . Read more:

Kansas City seeing disparities in who participates in comprehensive plan

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