Soccer Rebellion Confronts Guadalupe Centers After Firing

So, it took about a two months for fickle local progressives to turn on Beto Lopez and Cici Rojas.

A firing of a popular soccer coach is the cover story but that's just one complaint out of many.

Reality . . . As we've written previously . . . The new crew at GCI don't have much of a connection to the community and even the liberal gringos are starting to get the point.

Accordingly, here's public radio offering their spin and a soccer crusade that makes for great dinner conversation that's much more polite than harsher talk about the political connections of the center quickly disappearing. 

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Student Says Guadalupe Centers Soccer Coach Firing 'Devastated' The Team

Current and past Guadalupe Centers board members and a current high school student spoke out Thursday opposing the June 16 firing of boys soccer coach Ricky Oliveras. In response to Thursday's comments, acting Chief Executive Officer Beto Lopez said, "Your information, your requests will be taken under advisement."