Smoking Stays Winning Inside Old School Raytown Bars

The status quo and cancer stix persist amid these inner suburban enclaves that have rebuffed the progressive public health rules in KCMO and Johnson County.

Insight . . .

"Raytown and Blue Springs are some of the last parts of a major metropolitan area that still allow smoking. Our nation’s rich patchwork of local laws makes it impossible to say they’re alone, but it’s safe to say there are very few places, outside rural areas in the south, where you can still smack a Marlboro hardpack on the bartop then pull one out and light up."

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Why Raytown is one of the last American suburbs where you can still smoke in bars

Inside Irish Pub House in Raytown. This friendly and low-key bar inside a former Pizza Hut still allows smoking indoors, which attracts smokers from all over the area/Martin CizmarWhy can you still smoke in Raytown bars? "One word: America," says Mayor Michael McDonough.