Show-Me Special Session Smack Down Coming Soon

From birth control to critical race theory . . . The Missouri GOP Super Majority is gearing up for a LEGISLATIVE SMACK DOWN that could be historic.

Even better, there will be an intense fight betwixt establishment Republicans vs. their MAGA colleagues on just how brutal payback should be against cities like KCMO & STL. 

Here are a few highlights . . .

Missouri Gov. Parson may be on verge of calling lawmakers back into session

Missouri may be on the verge of calling state lawmakers back into session.The tax on health providers, the one that helps pay for the current Medicaid program, is about to expire. They call it the Federal Reimbursement Allowance. It brings in $1.6 billion a year.The tax runs out in September.

Leaders offer critical look at race theory

Political momentum is gathering to restrict the teaching of critical race theory in schools and colleges, turning a complex understanding of ethnic divides in America into hotly debated politics. According to Dr. W.A. Hedge, a former teacher and principal at Central High School and a leader among the St.

Most of Missouri's new witness protection fund going unused by law enforcement agencies

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Starting next month, Missouri law enforcement agencies and prosecutors could have access to nearly $2 million in hopes of reducing violent crime across the state. It's part of legislation passed last fall for a witness protection fund in Missouri.

Developing . . .