Show-Me Police Chief Quitting Over Missouri Republican 2nd Amendment Preservation Act

Check an interesting turn of events and a highly publicized resignation which pushes back against  the best intentions of the Missouri Republican super majority.

Money line . . .

In a press release, O'Fallon, Missouri Chief Philip Dupuis said every police department in the country seizes weapons during arrests in criminal cases or when officers feel threatened or want to protect someone from committing suicide. This statue would allow citizens to sue the officer if they think it "infringed upon their Second Amendment rights."

"This vague language will create a flood of weaponized litigation that will chill the legitimate peace keeping duties of police," Dupuis said. "Highly effective partnerships between local and federal law enforcement agencies will have to be reevaluated."

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O'Fallon, Missouri police chief resigns, citing new Missouri gun law

O'FALLON, Mo. ( -- The police chief of the O'Fallon, Missouri police department resigned on Friday, citing the newly-signed House Bill 85, termed as "Second Amendment Preservation Act." The bill adds more protections to the right to bear arms and bans police departments from enforcing federal gun rules.