Show-Me GOP Favoring Rep. Cori Bush Over Congressman Cleaver???

For the record, whatever the proposal, Missouri congressional redistricting will likely be decided in a courtroom or judge's chambers. 


Here's an interesting note from our blog community that offers a bit of insight into where the Missouri GOP is coming from . . . The future of KC might belong to Congressman Graves given that Republicans can better utilize progressive chatter from STL. 

Meanwhile, KC losing out on political representation is just another way to strike back at our cowtown Democratic Party stronghold given the recent war of words from local urban core leaders against Missouri Republicans. 

Here's a worthwhile theory . . .

The congressional redistricting will have a major impact on the future of Kansas City politics . . . 

Congressman Cleaver's political career might not survive. 

 In 2010 the goal of the GOP in Missouri was to counter Carnahan's hold over in St.Louis area, they had to make a deal with KC and St.Louis (Rep. Cleaver and Rep. Lacy Clay) to keep their seats because Nixon (D) would have vetoed any map. 

Now the GOP has the legislature and the governor, with super majorities. 

The GOP loves Rep. Cori Bush . . . She promotes, policies that are more radical than AOC. 

In Missouri African-Americans are 14 per cent of the population -- 1 out 8 congressional districts not 2 out of 8. 

How about a map that has all of KC in Congressman Graves' district??? Remember when the Democratic Party of KC had former Mayor Kay Barnes run from the Northland??? 

I think the GOP believe that with an upcoming conservative tsunami brewing, NOW is the time to challenge Congressman Cleaver and he might fold/retire before the election.

You decide . . .