Show-Me COVID Lockdown Push Back Law Signed

Sent by some of our more savvy readers . . . Here's Missouri limiting the preventative power of public health orders . . .

Money line . . .

"Under HB 271, political subdivisions may only issue public health orders that directly or indirectly restrict access to businesses, churches, schools, or other places of assembly for 30 calendar days in a 180-day period when the governor has declared a state of emergency. Orders may be extended more than once with a simple majority vote by the local governing body. "

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Parson signs bill restricting public health leaders' orders during pandemics

(From Gov. Mike Parson) Today, Governor Mike Parson signed HB 271 into law, which establishes greater accountability for local leaders when imposing public health orders and prohibits local COVID-19 vaccine passports. "This legislation I am signing today requires local leaders to be more transparent in their reasoning and accountable for their decisions when it comes to public health orders," Governor Parson said.