Raytown Roommate Homicide Report: Housing Crisis Preview

First, a peek at the big picture . . .

CBS News: With moratorium ending, more than 8 million households face foreclosure or eviction

First and foremost, that means a great many of us will be doubling up and living conditions will become a lot more crowded.

Roommates always fight but economic stress couples with close quarters typically brings out the worst in people and this town has a reputation for "solving" problems by way of gunfire . . .

This latest story out of Raytown reveals how a typical argument over argument over bills & cleaning can have deadly consequences . . . Read more:

Raytown man accused of shooting, killing his roommate

RAYTOWN, MO (KCTV) -- A Raytown man is accused of murdering his roommate. Robert Matlock, 43, was charged Thursday with second-degree murder and armed criminal action. Police say the shooting happened in the 7700 block of Raytown Road. Court documents state that Matlock called police and said he shot his roommate after his roommate "lunged" at him.