Provisionally Accredited Kansas City Public Schools Lack Discipline?!?!

New policy from the KCPS is celebrated without much consideration about the implications of this decision on teachers and victims of student assaults . . . Of which there are many.

We talked about this last night via the newsletter but the most important aspect of this conversation has been ignored by the mainstream media . . . Student violence.

Student Vs. Student attacks have been a longstanding problem for KCPS that has NEVER been properly addressed . . . The reality is that violence suffered by students is one of the top reasons that parents take their kids out of the district.

And so this new policy merely reflects more leniency for students involved in minor scuffles or fisticuffs when out-of-school suspension proved to be a more serious and powerful message to students and their families.

Sadly, local media merely transcribe press releases rather than delving into the uncomfortable issues confronting the KCPS . . . Read more on this topic that celebrates a district that still isn't fully accredited by Missouri education officials:

Limiting suspensions from school: Kansas City Public School District takes new approach to discipline

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Public School District is taking a new approach to education and student learning. The school board approved a new Student Code of Conduct Wednesday night. The biggest change will impact students in Pre-K through 5th grade who will no longer face out-of-school suspension, unless they physically harm themselves or someone else.

Kansas City Public Schools limits out-of-school suspension for K-5th grade

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, Public Schools students in kindergarten through fifth grade will now only face out-of-school suspension as a punishment under certain circumstances. The KCPS Board of Education voted in favor of the new policy, which is included in its revised Code of Conduct , at its meeting Wednesday night.

Developing . . .