Port Fonda Needs Workers After Kansas City Hipster Scandal

Very much like hottie celebs eating at Taco Bell . . . This bit of "news" annoyed us whilst putting together the newsletter . . .

The upshot . . .

This throwaway "now hiring" story seemingly forgets that Port Fonda earned a COVID LOCKDOWN CULTURE WAR SMACKDOWN from hipsters across social media … They’re now under new ownership.

HOWEVER, we can understand a bit of hesitancy from potential employees.

Mentioning the controversy might be more important than simply blaming workers for being lazy because they don’t want to confront alleged abuse … And/OR want to milk every last bit of that stimmy.

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Westport business set to reopen is in need of employees

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- For months the doors at Port Fonda in Westport have been locked because of the pandemic, but now new management has come through and they are looking to open the doors and find new employees.