Perfect Village Slap Fights Over Trees And Housing Crisis

As the American middle-class continues to fade, the debate amongst suburbanites grows more intense.

Credit to the BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC readers for finding one more example of local hateration. 

The setup . . .

It’s an incident that not only shows just how seriously Prairie Village takes trees but also exposes tensions in a sought-after inner-ring suburb where the lots are often worth more than the modest homes sitting on them, prompting a wave of “teardowns.”

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An odd, bitter battle over a nuisance tree in Prairie Village

Illustration by David BabcockJohn Michaels takes landscaping seriously. Michaels and his wife recently built their four-thousand-square-foot dream home in Prairie Village, but he still does all his own lawn work. "I love it-and I'm picky," he says. "I don't want big riding lawn mowers going across my lawn, rutting it up."