Overland Park Fights Pit Bull Bias

The surprisingly enduring B-list rapper is probably a good place to start a local conversation about diversity and doggies.

Accordingly, the effort to push back doggie prohibition in the Golden Ghetto has an element of social justice struggle.

Here's the money line . . .

“I also fear that the ban is less about prohibiting dangerous dogs within our city and more about keeping pit bull owners out,” a resident added. “Breed specific bans that target pit bulls have been tied to racist underpinnings with preconceived notions about what pit bull owners look like and how they act, and I don’t want my community to promote those ideas. Pets are family, and I want us to welcome all families here in Overland Park.”

Several speakers said the ban undermines public safety because it directs resources toward a whole breed, regardless of individual dogs’ behavior. That gives a false sense of security, when any type of dog can become aggressive with bad treatment, they said.

There were also a couple of references to the pit bulls owned by Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who lives in Kansas City, Mo.

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Parade Of Overland Park Residents Urge City To Repeal Pit Bull Ban: 'It's Pretty Prejudiced'

For Tori Shirah, the chance to share with Overland Park City Council members about her beloved pit bull terrier Gunther was bittersweet. Gunther was so gentle, Shirah told a City Council committee Wednesday night, that she felt no qualms about having him in the house when she brought her newborn children home from the hospital.