New KCI Commissions More Progressive Artists

Our KICK-ASS BLOG READERS were among the first to predict that the "One Percent for the Arts" KCMO program would provide a windfall for the creative class.

Accordingly, local artsy money is flowing . . . Mostly to out-of-towners. Still, a glimpse at highly vaunted interior decorating our North offers a hopeful view of the pricey taxpayer funded project and the overt political messages of upcoming displays.&

Sadly, the "sky fountain" that new KCI voters were promised was quickly cancelled.

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Five More Artists Selected To Join Massive Public Art Project At Kansas City International Airport

The new terminal at the Kansas City International Airport will include a diverse mix of installation art that will engage visitors as soon as they park and accompany them throughout their journey. At a meeting Friday, the Municipal Arts Commission announced five more finalists for art installations, stretching from the parking garage all the way to a connector joining the terminal's two main parts.