Mumble Rappers Pay Tribute To Patrick Mahomes

For fans of classic hip-hop, the "mumble rap" trend has been exceptionally loathsome and not only degrades the genre but also Western Civilization.

About mumble rap . . . "The term implies a mumbling or unclear vocal delivery by artists, and may generally refer to rappers who do not share the genre's typical emphasis on lyricism."

On the bright side, hype for a Super Bowl loser in order to squeeze into low-rent headlines signals a bit of desperation for everyone involved and hopefully the passing of a fad.

Here's a more enthusiastic view of the name check . . .

Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes Name-Dropped by Migos on 'Culture III'

Kansas City Chiefs Mike Chiari @@mikechiari Twitter Logo Featured Columnist IV Hip-hop group Migos paid homage to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes on its new album titled Culture III. The album, which was released Friday, features the song "Mahomes." Included in the song is the line: "Huncho the chief, had to send it to Mahomes.