More Deets: Kansas City Launches Anti-Driver Agenda

Here's a peek at this town's anti-motorist agenda and even more government inspired hatred and legislation targeting commuters.

Here's the pitch from our new boss from Jersey . . .

City Manager Brian Platt says a 20% rise in traffic fatalities and serious injuries over the last 10 years pushed city leaders to adopt the Vision Zero resolution. He helped announce the city’s initiative last month.

“It became all the more urgent when I arrived here about six months ago to put this at the top of the priority list,” says Platt, who also helped launch a Vision Zero plan in Jersey City, New Jersey, as its former city manager and business administrator.

The city’s action plan will include focusing on extending curbs into intersections and delaying red light traffic signals. Curb extensions shorten the distance pedestrians and cyclists travel and decrease the risk of coming in contact with a car. Adding leading pedestrian indicators (LPI) delays red lights and gives pedestrians and cyclists a little more time to cross intersections.

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Kansas City Starts Initiative To End Traffic Deaths Despite Speedbumps Shown In Other U.S. Cities

The pandemic might have kept many drivers off the streets, but it didn't put a dent in traffic fatalities. More than 42,000 people died in car accidents despite emptier roads in 2020, the National Safety Council says. That's an 8% increase from 2019, and it doesn't seem to be getting much better in 2021.