Mahomes Shares More Smootchies With Brit Before Marriage

I'm still willing to bet that he doesn't pull the trigger on this marriage if only because making her wait this long is kind of embarrassing and all of their social media messaging feels like a low-rent brand deal.  

Nevertheless . . . 

If we can believe what we see from gossip mags then this couple is VERY happy as they constantly play kissy face for the public. 

Sorry that we don't believe in romance given that, statistically, most marriages are doomed.

To get even more dark/real . . . Marriage always just seems like a bad deal if only because, at best, it's a death pact . . . Something that most reasonable people avoid and that isn't socially acceptable in any other circumstance. 

Nevertheless . . . Check content designed to make the plebs feel worse about their life . . .

Patrick Mahomes kisses fiancée Brittany Matthews in cozy vacation photos

It's summer lovin' for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, and his, fiancée Brittany Matthews. On Monday, the new mom posted a pair of cozy snapshots from the couple's recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they shared a kiss aboard a boat.