Local News Stays Losing

Credit to some of the smarter KICK-ASS TKC READERS for sending this note which offers an important perspective on the local news . . . Nobody reads it anymore.

Money line regarding the decline and one of the many reasons we try to sleep in on Monday and dream of newsworthy hottie Gemma . . .

"The best explanation might be that publishers and editors have ignored the underlying cause. Despite all the impassioned calls from academics and journalists to salvage it, local news’ most vital constituency—readers—have withheld their affections."

Basically . . . Local news gets a lot of lip service but most people would rather gossip on their phone or take marching orders from their favorite partisan hack.

In other words, here's a glimpse at how TKC has been wasting his time on a niche hobby with less appeal than D&D . . . Read more:

Opinion | Why Has Local News Collapsed? Blame Readers.

For all the praise directed at local news and the importance of preserving it, the dirty secret of today's newspapers is that there's not all that much local news coverage to save anymore.