Lee's Summit Racial Slur Discipline Protocol Theatens Teacher's Job

We notice a great deal of anger building across local social media circles as a court fight divides a community.

Here's the mainstream view . . .

Lee's Summit teacher accused of using racial slur fights to save job during 9-hour hearing

The Lee's Summit school board held a 9-hour public hearing Wednesday night and early Thursday morning to consider the termination of a teacher and coach who allegedly used a racial slur twice.Joe Oswald has been teaching for 27 years and was at Pleasant Lea Middle School.The hearing was organized like a court with attorneys from both sides.In this case, the defense and prosecution agreed to a joint stipulation of facts about what occurred.

Community news also shares a worthwhile take . . .

LSR7 Teacher Defends Repetition Of Racial Slur

June 24, 2021 The Lee's Summit R-7 School Board has been tasked with deciding whether to terminate a tenured teacher's employment for using a racial slur in front of students. The decision will come after a hearing that lasted nearly 10 hours.

Developing . . .