KCK Demands Public Pool Equity

Credit to the author of this note . . . This is a passionate plea for the frivolous and a fight against social injustice that could be resolved with a day pass to Oceans of Fun. 

We can't deny that disparity doesn't exist . . . Just that it's not really important given that expecting local government to manage pool parties when they can't stop crime, fill potholes or manage money is a bit of a stretch. 

Still . . . Everyone is entitled to complain and compete for attention whilst the public drowns in a sea of worsening American discontent. 

Check-it . . . 


Kansas Citians Still Don't Have Equal Access To Public Pools: 'We Deserve Nice Things Too'

Everyone deserves a safe place to swim, but we live in a region of pool haves and have-nots: This summer there are zero public pools open in Kansas City, Kansas, while Lenexa has three pools for a third of the population.