KCFD Celebrates Diversity, Inclusion And Equity

Whilst banging your wife.


Anybody who knows firefighters will get our post title joke and everyone else will have to get their chuckles by pretending to take this week's city hall legislative gambit seriously. 

More importantly, KCFD rank & file from across the demographic spectrum will openly admit that the REAL crisis confronting the department has more to do with RAMPANT NEPOTISM and politically charged power moves rather than racial hateration.   

Also, hoes. 

Despite continued efforts to improve the "discourse" amongst workers in the KCFD since about 1978 . . . We can't help but note that firefighters constantly complain about hoes in their unguarded moments. 

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KCFD, city officials take steps to address racism, discrimination allegations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For the first time in history, the Kansas City Council, the firefighters union and the fire department have approved a union contract to address longstanding equity and inclusion issues in the department.