KC Tenants Also Rally Against Police

The causes are getting confused . . . Realists know that it's all the same protest demanding more cash. 

Meanwhile . . . A weekend protest continues to resonate on the local news.

Hipsters tragically buried the money line and a call to action . . .

“This is ground zero for the tenant struggle against gentrifiers, slumlords, and the police,” says KC Tenants leader Jenay Manley.

Read more as, after winning $1.6 MILLION out of the KCMO budget . . . This group clearly has a great deal of influence . . . Check-it:

KC Tenants' rally demands a seat at the table post-federal eviction protections

Today KC Tenants held a "Tenant Reckoning" rally at Gabriel Tower Apartments on Kansas City's east side. For months the apartment's disabled and elderly tenants have struggled to have basic human needs met, and have lived with mold, water damage, and little-to-no information regarding improvements.

Developing . . .