Kansas Guv Kelly Supporters Defend Mask Mandates & COVID Crackdown

Partisan bloggers and out-of-work journalists desperately searching for a paying gig are quickly realizing that hard feeling remain after pandemic and Guv Kelly is going to have a tough time getting reelected.

Accordingly, there's an effort to defend her actions over the past year whilst conservatives refocus their ire . . .

Here's a peek at the science with more than a bit of politics thrown in . . .

The per capita rate of hospitalizations in no-mask counties escalated to 1.4 times that in masked counties by Oct. 16, researchers said. Likewise, the JAMA report said, deaths per capita were 1.8 times higher in no-mask counties by Nov. 1 when compared to mask-mandated counties.

Kelly faced backlash from Republican lawmakers for issuance of mask directives and other executive orders tied to the pandemic. Her decision to move public K-12 and college instruction online was politically divisive as was her decision to temporarily close businesses deemed nonessential. Her attempt to restrain mass gatherings at churches to deter spread of COVID-19 was met by a legal challenge and set aside.

“The study confirms that Governor Kelly’s fact-based, all-of-the-above approach, specifically her implementation of a mask policy that worked for counties big and small, protected Kansans and our economy,” said Reeves Oyster, a spokeswoman for the governor.

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New research: Kansas counties with mask mandates avoided 500 COVID-19 deaths | Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Counties in Kansas that instituted mask mandates experienced significantly lower rates of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths compared with counties declining to take that precaution, researchers reported in the journal of the American Medical Association.