Kansas City Tiny Homeless Village Confronts Rebuke!!!

Today we'll see if Mayor Q is willing to throw nearly every active neighborhood association and countless volunteers in Kansas City under the bus in order to advance his agenda.

To wit . . .


These rules give homeowners, apartment dwellings and small biz absolutely no recourse and put Mayor Q and his homeless agenda ABOVE THE LAW and codes everyone else must follow.

Here's an even better contribution from a KICK-ASS TKC READER . . .

Local news reports per the city, only 10 out of 334 homeless individuals who have been through their temporary hotel placement program have found permanent housing and only 46 have found jobs. Very low numbers  over 2.5 months into the 3 month program.  

While those may be successes for those individuals, the numbers overall are horrible and certainly question not only the future outlook of the city’s program but also bring up concerns about the rise in crime near these hotels around the city, particularly those far north by the airport.  
The city initially thought they could just move several or the homeless to NKC and Independence and it would be their problems but the complaints, damage, and destruction early on made the news which sent Brian Platt and Chris Hernandez scrambling for excuses.  

The residents and businesses owners of KC deserve answers as to why these highly touted programs have been a failure, especially before tiny house villages start popping up across the city.   If the mayor, city council, and staff have bungled this issue and the functionality of the water department, how do they expect to manage the police department if local control comes to fruition in the future?  Real issues that affect real people but not the people at City Hall. 

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Over the past several months, Kansas City, Missouri, has found unique ways, such as a warming station at Bartle Hall and renting rooms for 90-days in hotels and motels, to house the city's homeless population. Now, the city is searching for other ways to meet the demand.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Don Bosco Center became the site of tense conversation and back-and-forth between constituents and a Kansas City councilmember on Wednesday. Many were opposed to the Columbus Park neighborhood becoming the new home of a homeless village.

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