Kansas City Tiny Homeless Village Stays Losing This Week

The only encouraging sign of this debate is that, for once, 12th & Oak leaders acknowledge that they don't really have a plan.

Reality check . . .

Behind the scenes Mayor & Council were scared out of this effort by suits from J.E. Dunn and now are going back to the drawing board.

Deets . . .

10 days past the deadline, there is currently no plan. (Council Lady Katheryn Shields) said she would love to hear one before investing a large sum of money.

The ordinance is a $2.7 million proposal for the tiny home village.

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KCMO City Council pauses vote on 'Tiny Homes Village' ordinance

KANSAS CITY, Mo - After much anticipation on Thursday afternoon, the Kansas City, Missouri, City Council decided to not vote to approve a "Tiny Home Village " ordinance. Instead, the council decide to push the vote back one week. The request was made by KCMO Councilwoman Katheryn Shields.