Kansas City SWINGING After COVID!!!

Here's a bit of nice news with a retro touch for TBT . . .


A few local places like "The Spott" shut down during the pandemic but the very best & brightest TKC readers inform us that "private society" denizens are now engaging in local meetups at a quickening pace.

Real talk . . . COVID is only one of many plagues these folks are risking so this move makes sense. 

Here's a news review to remind readers that the local swingers scene is, in fact, quite active and as always we remind readers to be careful, wear a mask and a condom in order to make consensual adult activities just a bit safer . . .

Kansas City locals living mysterious private lives

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- From tiny towns to big cities, KCTV5's Gina Bullard has lived all over the country. But within months of moving to Kansas City, she was at a bar when she got a proposition like she has never gotten before. It was from a couple looking for a lot more than friendly conversation.

Developing . . .