Kansas City Summer Binge Drinking Restarts

A weekend reality check . . . COVID turned many Americans into alcoholics and that public health consequences might kill more people than the pandemic. 

Nevertheless . . . Boozing is good for business and quite a few Kansas City hotspots wouldn't exist without a customer base composed of people suffering from addiction problems.

Accordingly, here's a peek at the Summer drinking season restarting despite the objections of your liver . . .

We made the perfect Saturday beer tour of KC craft breweries | Kansas City Magazine

Not so long ago, enjoying beers at a bar was as simple as going to a bar and ordering beers. How quaint! In the thirteen years that I've been writing professionally about craft beer, I've watched it evolve from a scene with a few stronghold cities into a nationwide subculture.

I love hotel bars-here are my favorites in KC | Kansas City Magazine

At a hotel bar, you can be whoever you want to be, even for just an afternoon. Wander in wearing pajama pants or a ball gown. Flirt with a stranger away at a conference. More intoxicating than the booze is your guaranteed anonymity.

Developing . . .