Kansas City Star Seyz Racism Killed Brush Creek Dead Fishes

Dead tree pundits patronize locals and highlight local divisions.

Their latest screed that might or might not be worth paying for . . .

Kansas City Star: Why were all of those dead fish in Brush Creek only killed off east of Troost?

Money line . . .

"Even if there was nothing nefarious about the fact that all of the dead fish were east of the very street that has always been seen as the city’s racial dividing line, those who live on the East Side said they were the perfect metaphor." 

“There is always trash along the creek here, but this is horrible,” said (a local resident/worker) who frequently rides along the creek. “This would never happen at the Plaza. They keep the Plaza pristine.” 

As always, we try to answer: Who is THEY?!?!

In this case local might be referring to private investors and businesses who have invested HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in order to maintain a retail legacy that's now mostly met with constant social justice protest.

You decide . . .