Kansas City Star Seyz Ellie Kemper Still Guilty Of Systemic Racism

Two days after everybody else, this town's so-called paper-of-record "reports" on Twitter drama.

Their take, of course, blames white people for the imaginary crisis . . . 

Kansas City ‘Kimmy Schmidt’ star no KKK queen, but her story is about systemic racism

Newspaper money line . . .

"Ellie Kemper is the daughter of David Woods Kemper and great-great-granddaughter of William Thornton Kemper Sr. — as in Kemper Arena, Kemper Bancshares, United Missouri Bank. Her journey to an honor from one of Missouri’s oldest and most furtive social clubs isn’t even a remote possibility for the vast majority of us, least of all those who are Black. African Americans make up 13.4% of the population, but own only 4% of the wealth. White Americans are 60% of us, and hold 84% of our wealth. Since they were freed from slavery, Black Americans have been systematically shorted in education, real estate, banking and more. The privileged have a vested interest in keeping us in the dark about that history."

Of course none of that really makes sense when it comes to hating on Kimmy Schmidt but it isn't any more paradoxical than expecting people to actually pay for day old dead-tree garbage.

Here's better info without a paywall or dead-tree media entitlement . . .

Why Ellie Kemper is facing controversy over past involvement with the Veiled Prophet Ball

Old photos of actress Ellie Kemper, who rose to fame in roles in "The Office" and "Bridesmaids" before starring in the Netflix series "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," resurfaced over Memorial Day weekend and ignited controversy for her involvement with a St. Louis organization that historically celebrated the wealthy white elite while excluding Black members.

Oh great, Ellie Kemper is yet another rich white lady with a racist past

You may have noticed Ellie Kemper was trending on Twitter. She's not dead. So she must've done something really amazing, right? Wrong! Turns out Kimmy Schmidt isn't as inoffensive as she seems. A picture began circulating on Twitter showing Kemper as the Queen Of Love And Beauty at the Fair Saint Louis in 1999.

Unpacking The Twitter Storm Over Ellie Kemper's Old Debutante Crown

Actor Ellie Kemper came under scrutiny this week after Twitter users homed in on a 20-year-old story about her participation at a debutante ball for the St. Louis elite.

Actor Ellie Kemper Is Under Fire After Photos Of Her Being Crowned Queen Of A "Racist And Elitist" Ball Resurfaced

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actor Ellie Kemper came under fire over the Memorial Day weekend after photos resurfaced online of her participating as a beauty queen in an organization that had historically excluded Black and Jewish people. Kemper was crowned the "Veiled Prophet Queen of Love and Beauty" at a 1999 ball in St.

Actually, Youtube newsie Phil DeFranco did the best job of explaining the Internets controversy yesterday.

TKC reader update . . . Let's not forget that the Kemper Clan was called out for locking up immigrant youngsters during the Prez Trump years. The practice actually preceded the MAGA ruler courtesy of the Obama administration and persists to this day under the watch of team Biden/Harris . . .

The Museum Trustee Behind a $130 Million Lawsuit to Keep ICE Detainees in Prison

Since March of this year, activists have been calling on the Wyatt Detention Center in Central Falls, Rhode Island, to end its policy of housing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees. In April, the controversy around the facility escalated into a lawsuit that involves one of Kansas City's wealthiest art world scions.

You decide . . .