Kansas City Sleeps With The Fishes On Troost

Special thanks to A KICK-ASS TKC READER who sent this fun read for Sunday that offers important push back against this cowtown's most prominent piece of fishwrap . . . Read more:

Troost Massacre Mystery

Early Monday morning, the multiple bodies began appearing.

Nothing this horrendous has ever been seen in Kansas City’s history.

Perhaps war-time genocides of the 20th century or the current Christian murders in the middle east can compared to the “more than 52,000” bodies discovered this week dumped in open graves in and around Brush Creek.

Since few read the KC Star, you may not have seen Friday’s lead editorial. Regardless, Tony’s KC is here to alert you to what, according to the Star’s Editorial Board, is likely linked to racism.

They were not so bold to call it a “hate-crime”, but all the facts are pointing in that direction. The Star should be calling the FBI, or at least the Kansas City Police (if there are any left).

Here are the facts listed in the editorial:
All bodies were discovered East of Troost and most between Prospect Avenue and Benton Boulevard.
No bodies were found West of Troost. None around the Plaza or the Nelson. None, zero, nada.
There is often trash near or around where the bodies were discovered. Again, no trash-signs located near the Nelson or the (largely white) Country Club Plaza.

The Star continues with:

“Even if there was nothing nefarious about the fact that all of the dead fish were east of the very street that has always been seen as the city’s racial dividing line, those who live on the East Side said they were the perfect metaphor.”

Oddly, throughout this opinion piece The Star provided quotes from individuals that were disgusted with this mishap. Once the article fell into the realm of racism, there were no more quotes except to anonymously reference “those that live on the East Side”.

There you have it; Kansas City has racist fish, likely clad in little white hoods, murdering other fish and disposing of their bodies in watery graves east of Troost, sending a clear single to all others in the neighborhood.

You decide . . .