Kansas City Royals Start Latest Losing Streak

Reality check . . . TKC is still a bit salty about an online exchange wherein we RIGHTFULLY doubted the fortunes of the home team this year BUT some fanboi attempted to correct this town's worst blogger in order to point out the 1st place standing back when the Royals were flying high in April. 

Now, just as so many readers predicted, the season is over. 

Here's a really worthwhile appraisal . . . 

"The Royals are now 33-45, losers of seven in a row and in the midst of their fourth losing streak of at least five games. Considering the season is less than halfway over, that’s pretty remarkable."

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Red Sox 7, RoyaLLLLLLLs 6

I'm not even really sure to begin with this one. The Royals had three different leads and still lost. Mike Matheny's genius idea of moving the terrible Jorge Soler up to the No. 2 spot in the lineup blew up in his face. Brad Keller made his case for the worst pitcher in baseball.