Losing Kansas City Royals Delivers Us From Downtown Stadium Evil

Despite promises from MSM and the local elite . . . The Kansas City Royals REALLY suck this season.

Tonight's proof . . .

Royals end road trip with a whimper in 6-3 loss to A's

Kansas City Royals fans have seen their favorite team go on long losing stretches where the losses that pile up are virtually indistinguishable from each other. An example: Today, the Royals lost a game to the Oakland Athletics. The Royals' starter, a much-hyped member of the 2018 draft class, gave up a bunch of runs and was chased from the game.

This isn't such a horrible occurrence . . . In fact it's a Kansas City tradition.

A quick thought . . . 

The hardship of the Royals in 2021 saves us from building a BILLION DOLLAR STADIUM. 

It just doesn't make any sense for a team that's not playing .500 baseball . . . And for a BILLION other reasons.

Also, the losing season clears out the fanboi bandwagon and makes trips to the K slightly more enjoyable with fewer people and shorter lines for the johns. 

Amongst this blog community of grumps, it's important to look at the bright side . . . At least for Sunday night.

Developing . . .