Kansas City Royals Demand Top Dollar For Losing Season

Tonight the home tea suffered another embarrassing defeat that moves the organization even further out of playoff contention or any reasonable claims of "rebuilding" this season.

But that's not the fun part . . .

The most interesting Kansas City pro-sports news for Friday is a pricey corporate proposal which threaten to bilk home team fans of even more cash by way of an Internets upcharge . . . Here's the pitch:

Would you pay $23 a month to watch the Royals?

Would you pay $23 a month to watch the Royals? That's the price that Sinclair Broadcasting, which owns Bally Sports Kansas City, is floating to potential investors for their own stand-alone streaming service, according to The New York Post. Sinclair is attempting to raise $250 million for the project, with an anticipated launch date by next year's Opening Day.