Kansas City Po'Folk Fear Eviction Moratorium Conclusion

A great many of the working poor will be forced out of their homes in the near future as pandemic housing policy shifts yet again . . . This time around there might be fewer protests given that the Democratic Party majority in D.C. don't seem to want to intervene with anything more than a few token freebie vouchers . . . Read more on the local angle and a few national news resources . . .

'We're absolutely in a crisis': Kansas City applications surge as eviction moratorium set to lift

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eviction moratorium, which went into effect last September, will expire at the end of June. With no sign of another extension, Kansas City organizations that help with rent and utility assistance are seeing a surge of applications.

With eviction ban expiring in 14 days, many states have given out under 5% of rental assistance

For months, renter Sabrina Floyd waited to hear if she and her family were approved for help from the Clark County rental assistance program in Las Vegas. She'd often ask her caseworker for updates and would get the same reply: "Thank you for your continued patience during these hard times," the email said.

Millions Could Face Eviction With Federal Moratorium Ending And A Logjam In Aid

Mehran Mossaddad has spent much of the pandemic scared and lying awake at night. He's a single dad with an 10-year-old daughter living outside Atlanta. "I get panic attacks not knowing what's in store for us," he says. "I have to take care of her."

U.S. Supreme Court urged by 22 states to maintain eviction ban

WASHINGTON, June 11 (Reuters) - The attorneys general of 22 states on Friday urged the U.S. Supreme Court not to end the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's pandemic-related residential eviction moratorium that has been challenged by landlord groups.

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