Kansas City Patronizes Poorly Paid Teachers

Pretty pictures and trite sentiments dominate the Kansas City discourse even in the aftermath of the plague.

This is a nice gesture but might not mean much given worsening pandemic working conditions . . .

Vibrant new mural in Midtown honors teachers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Whether you're walking by, driving past, or seeing the bold and vibrant new mural near 31st and Cherry from above, you can't help but stop and take a picture. The new mural honors Kansas City teachers, who have adjusted a great deal during this pandemic to educate their students and create a sense of normalcy for their students families.

An alternative perspective . . .

Teachers should be paid six figures, former educator says, or "we're going to lose so many people along the way"

It's difficult to "understand why teaching is hard," former middle school teacher Colette Coleman said, and so she expected some pushback when her op-ed "The Case For Paying All Teachers Six Figures" was published in The New York Times last week.

You decide . . .