Kansas City political largess paid with taxpayer money has escaped local headlines despite the exorbitant cost for an institution that has NEVER turned a profit and often featured troubled management that often hit a sour note with locals.

Here's a closer look at KCMO FOREVER CASH for a questionable local attraction . . .

Ordinance #210478: Authorizing the Manager of Procurement Services Department to execute an $650,000.00 annual contract amendment to the Management Agreement and Lease with the American Jazz Museum, Inc. for management and operations of the 18th and Vine Project; and authorizing the Manager of Procurement Services to extend and amend the Agreement and Lease without additional council authorization.

That last line is important if only because it means that passing this bit of funding basically offers NO ACCOUNTABILITY despite 12th & Oak protestations about their interest in accounting for taxpayer funds.

Developing . . .