Kansas City Northeast Liquor Store Robbery Exposed

A worthwhile write-up on local crime as the street level . . . Here's a passage and a preview:

The suspect donned a disguise consisting of a fake dread-wig, an oversize K-State sweatshirt and a black facemask and entered the store toting his folding utility knife (pictured) around 2:40 Tuesday afternoon and proceeded to rob the store. After stuffing his sweatshirt full of hooch, never mind the black spandex socks, black slippers and the torn shorts make for a perfect identifier, again, not the Avenues best or brightest, the suspect made his escape. Kind of. Right across the street to the park.

Read the rest of the story here . . .

Liquor Store Robbery runs amok

The suspect in the armed robbery this afternoon at the Top Notch Liquor Store at Independence Blvd and Brooklyn may not have been firing on all cylinders when he decided it would be a good idea to rob a liquor store that is equipped with bullet proof glass with a knife this afternoon.