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Right now we pay tribute to hottie Candice because she’s the very best of newsworthy fashion moguls and right now she inspires us to take a peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Kansas City Crash, Nobody Injuries Reported Yet

School bus strikes Kansas City police motorcycle

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A school bus struck a Kansas City, Missouri police motorcycle Monday morning on Interstate 29 near Tiffany Springs Parkway in the city's Northland. The officer was standing on the passenger side of a car while conducting a traffic stop on I-29.

Hype Inside The Loop

Downtown KC in the news + Local responses to national COVID survey

Cordish's Benjamin talks strength of KC multifamily Entrepreneurs select site for first Black-owned brewery KC Museum renovation earns preservation award Mississippi group to build Berkley Riverfront hotel KC's Parade of Hearts aims to top the Cow Parade Library exhibit charts KC's aviation history - Downtown KC participates in national COVID analysis As the nation begins to emerge from COVID, it is critical for community leaders to ask some tough questions and assess priorities and plans of residents, customers, and employees.

Local Tragedy Midday Report

MoDOT supervisor hit, killed while working flooded highway north of Kansas City metro

The crash happened around 9 a.m. on Highway 273 in Tracy, Missouri, as the worker put out warning signs because of a flooded road. Investigators said the worker died at the scene.

Sign Of The Times

KC Scout to activate new colored-icon message boards

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The KC Scout Traffic Management Center will activate new colored digital message boards starting Monday. Unlike the current message boards, which display messages in orange-colored text, the new boards will use full color to depict interstate and highway icons.

War Crime Celebration Or Hero Tribute?!?

Sneak Peek: Extensive Truman Library remodel features new displays, artifacts

Tickets are now on sale for the return to the Harry S.

Candice Style Stays Winning

Why Candice Swanepoel's black blazer has enduring appeal

Supermodel Candice Swanepoel stepped out in New York City this week, and demonstrated why the classic black blazer is an enduring wardrobe hero that every woman could use in her day-to-day life.

Former Prez Trump Deets Resonate

"I said you're in f---ing charge!": Trump and Gen. Milley's Situation Room shouting match

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, repeatedly blew up at President Trump over how to handle last summer's racial-justice protests, The Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender writes in his forthcoming book, " Frankly, We Did Win This Election."

Minority Leader Double Cross?!?

Mitch McConnell could blow up the bipartisan infrastructure deal after Biden reassured Senate Republicans

Mitch McConnell jeopardized Joe Biden's bipartisan infrastructure deal on Monday. Biden said last Thursday that the deal was tied to another, Democratic-only reconciliation bill. After Biden walked those comments back, McConnell insisted Pelosi and Schumer have to follow suit. See more stories on Insider's business page.

Toilet Training Day Delayed

Supreme Court refuses to hear transgender bathroom case, a victory for LGBT rights and student Gavin Grimm

The Supreme Court on Monday handed the LGBT rights movement another victory, declining to hear an appeal that challenged the rights of transgender students to use the bathroom of their choosing. The high court said it would not take a case involving Gavin Grimm and the school board of Gloucester County, Virginia.

¡¡¡Bienvenidos, Amigos!!!

Ilhan Omar says every illegal immigrant in US should have 'pathway to citizenship'

Rep. , D-Minn., has called for every illegal in the U.S. to have a pathway to citizenship. The Minnesota Democrat, a member of the far-left "Squad," published a tweet on Monday commemorating her meeting with activists from the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA).

New Strain Advances

How the UK - where the Covid delta variant 'exploded' - is a blueprint for the U.S.

The first thing to note is how quickly the delta variant spread across the U.K. In a relatively short amount of time, the strain supplanted the alpha variant to become dominant in the country ( in mid-June delta was responsible for 90% of all infections, a government study showed) - and this happened despite the U.K.'s advanced vaccination rate.

Vaxx Hope Endures

Study suggests Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 vaccines could provide 'years' of protection

A new study reportedly suggests the COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna could provide protection for "years." As The New York Times reports, scientists in a new study sought to determine whether "vaccination alone" will provide long-lasting protection against COVID-19 after research suggested the vaccines may offer years of protection for those who were previously infected with the coronavirus.

Rocket Man Chunky Love Alleged

North Korea: Citizens 'worried' by Kim Jong-un weight loss

We still don't know why the video of the concerned citizen was shown. But Kwak Gil Seob, who heads One Korea Center, a website specializing in North Korea affairs, told the BBC that the Pyongyang regime "would never allow negative news around Kim Jong-un to be published" - meaning that the footage was aired "to show that Kim Jong-un is losing weight by himself".

Royal Snub From Beyond The Grave

Kate Middleton's absence from Diana statue unveiling is 'telling'

Kate Middleton's absence from Princess Diana's memorial launch Thursday will be "telling on so many levels," according to family sources. Prince William's wife is missing out on the unveiling of a statue to mark what would have been Diana's 60th birthday after the guest list was slashed.

Youtuber Talks Diva

Chris Crocker, 'Leave Britney Alone' Video Creator, Reflects On What's Changed

Over the last few days, it's been said a lot on Twitter: "Chris Crocker was right." But as Crocker explained during a recent interview with NPR, they don't want to be right - and it's not about them at all.

Diverse Kansas City Safe Spaces Needed

Kansas City Nonprofit Opening Safe Space For Black LGBTQ Community

The Kansas City nonprofit BlaqOut is planning to open a physical "safe space" in Midtown dedicated to serving the city's Black LGBTQ community. "It will be very much FUBU," said D. Rashaan Gilmore, BlaqOut president and CEO, on KCUR's Up To Date. "For us by us, but open to all.

Local Racial Merch Rewarded

Brian Roberts builds community support for Black-owned businesses with his shop Black Pantry

Last November, Brian Roberts quietly launched a pop-up retail business called Black Pantry, where he sold sundry home goods and foodstuffs-everything from soaps and candles to artisan hot sauce and jam-out of a small trailer at locations around Kansas City. His core mission: Give Black brands a spotlight.

Kansas City Family Help Offered

Ribbon cutting held for Family Transformations rapid reunification home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There was a big step on Saturday in efforts to reconnect parents with their children in Kansas City, Missouri. A ribbon cutting was held for a rapid family reunification home. It allows parents working to regain custody of their children to have a safe and comfortable place for supervised visitations.

Even Fanbois Frustrated With Dayton

Dayton Moore's success and failures tell the same story

Recently, Dayton Moore celebrated his 15th anniversary as general manager of the Kansas City Royals. If it sounds like a long time, it is. Put it this way: Moore was hired three presidential administrations ago, a year before Apple released a little device called an iPhone for the first time.

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