Kansas City Mayor Q Loses First Round Of Police Defund Fight

A perspective from one of the many legal eagles in our KICK-ASS TKC blog community . . .

"It's a minor victory but it reminds us the neither the mayor nor the council rule by decree. There remain checks and balances. Also, these local courts are the friendliest that Mayor Q & Co. will see . . . If this case moves to higher courts in Missouri & beyond . . . Judges will be are more skeptical of the claims put forward by the city and far more likely to side with the status quo."

Money line on today's cash win . . .

The judge is giving both the police board and the city 14 days to present written arguments, either in support of the city's funding changes or for maintaining the status quo.

Meanwhile, the city must continue with the budget it adopted in April, fully funding Kansas City police for at least the next 30 days.

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Judge orders full Kansas City police funding for 30 days to allow for arguments

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Jackson County judge today ordered the city to fully fund the police department for the next thirty days. This despite the fact that many urban core neighbors are supportive of the city council's action to create a separate prevention and community services fund.